New Home Delivery Arrangement


For the last five years, Sendriya Setu Farmers Group has been providing toxin-free, nutritious organic vegetables to customers. We see this as a joint effort of consumers and farmers to protect our soil, our health, and our environment. We firstly want to thank you; it is because of your enthusiastic response that we have been able to complete five years of service.

For the convenience of our customers, we have started free home delivery service. Although we are excited to offer this, it does increase the economic burden and the workload, especially due to our shortage of manpower. The number of customers requesting home delivery is increasing. Moreover, all our customers expect their deliveries on time. With this in mind, we have decided to partner with a competent local representative to provide this service.

We have taken care to ensure that our represenative is as committed to supplying healthy, nutritious, organic produce as we are. Henceforth, Mr. Prasad Agashe of CAKTUS: Sustainable Environmental & Agriculture Solutions, will be responsible for home delivery service for Sendriya Setu. Shifting this work to a local agency will increase efficiency and allow us to focus on producing a variety of vegetables and maintaining continuity.

During the transition, Sendriya Setu and CAKTUS will provide home delivery service together. Afterwards CAKTUS will continue independently. Mr. Prasad Agashe (98 90 98 34 56, email ID: will contact you with further details. We are sure we can rely on your cooperation as we switch to this new arrangement.

'Seeing is believing' is especially true for organic; please come visit our farm in Pargaon!

Your suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Looking forward to your response,



Vasudha Sardar

Sendriya Setu Farmers Group

96 04 50 92 62 / 90 11 03 49 50

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